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New HD owner - a few issues!

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Just taken delivery of my new Touch HD courtesy of Orange upgrades.

Prior to that I had a TytnII, and before that the M3100.

Now that is taken care of I have a few issues that I would appreciate some help with.

1) SMS destination numbers

On the old devices, when I start typing a name for the destination of my SMS, it would offer matches from my contacts. The HD does not do this. Have I missed a setting somewhere?

2) Word completion.

Despite turning on word completion, it does not seem to be working with the "keyboard" SIP selected. Again, have I missed a setting somewhere?

3) Handsfree

Has anyone managed to connect a "stock" HD with a TomTOm 930 (ish) satnav to use the TT as a handsfree? Mine just repeatedly connects and disconnects every few minutes and refuses to make calls.

I need to try and resolve these in the next few days as I only have six days left to return it if I don't like it.

All input appreciated!


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I don't know about 3, but:

1) I read somewhere that the SMS number or name completion only works with one of the SIPs. In fact I've just tried it on my Diamond (with Touch HD based ROM) and it works using the Full Querty keyboard (matches come up immediately) and the Phone Keypad (type some letters, select the match from the hint bar then Contacts matches will come up in the hint bar with L & R arrows if there's more than one match)

2) As above with my Diamond- I cannot get word completion to work with any of the legacy SIPs :excl:

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Don't worry now chaps - sent it back!

Not for me at all - and that coming from the TytnII.

Why do they remove features instead of just allowing people who don't want them to turn them off!

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