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Touch 3G de-brand?

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Hi All,

Is there a de-brand for the Touch 3G on orange, just received one on a upgrade and Im out of touch as i have had the e650 for 2 years? :D Not sure if to keep it or return it and wait for diamond 2 etc?

Cheers Woodie

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Hi I'm in the same situation. Just took delivery of a Touch 3G on Orange. Like the device and my contract but could really do without most or the orange specific stuff on there.

I checked out the xda developers forum but they didn't seem to have any unbranding info yet.

I'm going to be using spb pocket plus but has anyone used their mobile shell software, looks useful but on top of the flow interface is their much point?

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I've just found a link on the xda-developers forum that seems to cover what we want. Be prepared for a bit of reading and perhaps taking a little on faith. Quite a few users seem to have used the instructions successfully.

This post has links to three other posts on the forum.

1. Covers installing a piece of software that makes customizing your device easier (Hard SPL)

2. Covers backing up your standard ROM, handy if you need to return under warranty (Can't do this without step 1)

3. Covers installing a piece of software (Kitchen) that allows you customize or install ROMs (installing the standard HTC ROM effectively de-brands your handset) People have built custom ROMs that add or remove features from the standard.

I haven't actually done this myself, hoping to find the time over the next couple of days.


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