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maybe if you came up with some more info like sector and qbus and other coders come up with so they give a feeling of "nothing can go wrong if i read all the info" You may want to publish what this rom is based on (which version DXIA5, older, newer?) is it made for 6.1 or 6.5 how to instal stuff like that, maybe some more screenshots of the menu not just the ones considering msn. It looks like a cool rom but it's just a glance of it. You have to bring the feeling of trust from the omnia owners as noone wants to mess up with their phone installing unstable software, and since you must be new cooker you should be even more enthusiastic showing and proving omnia owners that your rom can stand side by side with other big coders :lol:

thats my 2 cents mate, no hard feelings :D

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