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Nice Compass / GPS Monitor

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I was using the 'Compass' app previously... but i'm using this now, seems pretty good...




GPS Status 2 (cupcake)


Shows the position, number and signal strength of GPS satellites. Displays your position, GPS accuracy, speed, acceleration and bearing. Bigger dots represent stronger signal. Compass included.

Update: for firmware 1.5. Magnetic declination is calculated automatically. No longer enables the GPS automatically. Have fun.

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I may be blind but I don't see a download button on the site linked to. I'd really like to try the app so any help is appreciated

EDIT: never underestimate the power of google. fixed my own problem

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Quick question, I saw TeleNav nominated as the best GPS navigation app by the Android Network. (this is their blog page where it is posted: http://blog.telenav.com/blog/2009/08/love-...network-awards/). Should I get this service or is some other service like Google Maps available? Thanks for the help.

Depends what you mean/need.

If you're looking for TomTom-style turn-by-turn navigation software, then I haven't found anything I'd really rate. I haven't tried telenav yet, although I wasn't impressed with the winmo offering). AndNav2 is okay, but unreliable and takes too long to recalc. Google maps is better now it tracks your location, but still not really practical for proper driving (works well on foot though). Nav4All has an appallingly basic GUI but works very well indeed. But all of these suffer from being online, which is no use as soon as you stray from the beaten path.

CoPilot is the only real offline 3D turn-by-turn navigation solution, and by all accounts it's very good (at a decent price too). I'm going to see if TomTom show their hand before committing cash though.

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