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Finally - Some style for the HD

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So we all know that iPhone users get all the weird and wonderful covers for their phones, whilst we get stuck with boring looking but functional cases for our beloved HDs. However, check this out...


Finally, someone has decided that we deserve some style. I'm not sure if this is exactly my cup of tea, but would certainly be welcomed by my wife for her HD. Perhaps if enough of us show interest they will introduce more designs? I have already dropped them an message asking if further designs are planned. Lets hope! <_<


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They look pretty nice... i'd like a brushed aluminium look!

Their full mirror screen protectors look interesting too...


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I have now received a response from Wayne Tam @ More-Thing. I can now confirm:

- They will be updating the site to offer a choice of all 3 screen protectors. So the anti-glare will also be an option.

- They will not be offering the case without a screen protector at a cheaper price.

- Approx dimensions with the case = 11.5cm (Length) X 6.6cm (Width) X 1.5cm (Thickness)

- They do have plans for more designs. However, no firm dates as yet. He suggested just keeping an eye on their website for updates.

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