[ROM] blazingwolf Rock and Republic WM6.5 v10

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I have a question. How do i get my portrait view to look like this....

instead of the one with the pictures representing time, photos, or music

I like the words better so how do i switch it back.

Also i noticed the scrolling is a bit choppy. Its just like 6.1 scrolling. how do i get the 6.5 scrolling.

And when i get a text message on lock mode, i will press down the lock button and the message will pop up for me to slide over to the right or left then my message should open up. Sometimes this just unlocks my device and doesnt take me to my messages.

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After days of work and a lot of fantastic help from Adrynalyne (he got the XIP to work. :D ) here is my Rock and Republic WM6.5 ROM. This ROM is built with the SYS and XIP of 23004, which is the latest release of WM6.5. :D

Please remember that you flash at your own risk and I am not responsible for any bad things that happen to your device.

How to flash:

You must flash to the CC20 ROM before flashing to this ROM. Instruction on how to do this can be found here.


Use UMDL and click on the PDA button. Browse to the location where you placed the bin file and click on open. The file will load. Once it is loaded click on Detect. Now turn your device off by holding the power button until you see the shutdown gif. Once your device is shutdown plug it in to your pc. Now turn your device back on by pressing and holding the power button. UMDL should detect your device and start loading the new ROM on to your device.

7-12-09: Updated SYS and XIP, Fixed landscape Titanium spacing, MS3 version created.

7-6-09: Updated SYS and XIP, more user customization and bug fixes.

6-30-09: Updated SYS and XIP.

6-29-09: Added GPS Quick Position found by Adrynalyne. :D

6-28-09: User customization, 12MB Pagepool, new programs. See post #1104 for more information. (direct post linking seems to be broken I'll post the link again when it is fixed)

6-25-09: Updated SYS and XIP, some new start menu icons, old battery driver used.

6-17-09: Bug fixes, Neo panels added and more.

6-15-09: Updated SYS and XIP, Neo Titanium Theme, many Neo Panels, 1024 1% battery dll, and more.

6-8-09: Fixed Calculator, connection issue and added SMS fix by Adrynalyne.

6-6-09: Updated SYS and XIP, added CLauncher, CHome and CLinks appear at startup, odds and ends.

6-3-09: Fixed FingerKeyboard and FTouchSL bug, added Opera and Chome panels, removed 1%battery dll due to large battery drain

6-2-09: Updated to new SYS and XIP, added File explorer extender, Easy settings added back in for easy comm manager, SkyFire for flash support, app to date support, 1% battery meter thanks to kabkab.

5-28-09: Updated to fix calculator I also had to remove the games because they were broken.

5-28-09: Updated to build 21725 and some other things.

5-26-09: Updated to fix bugs. :D

Items added:

HTC Task Manager 2_1_34837_5

HTC dlls

Advanced Config 3.3

Batti 2.4

Bluetooth Icon Broker (shows the bluetooth icon in the task bar when on)

Default IM (lets you choose which keyboard you like as default)

Jbed Java



ATContacts (Titanium plugin)

Office plugin (Titanium plugin)

Personalizer (allows you to change the operator name to what ever you want)

SD Tuneup (Changes some SD card settings to make it work better)

Showaco CHome Editor 1.6

Showaco reSTART

TitaniumWeather 4.2 (Titanium plugin)

Attenuation change (rings loud from the start)

PIM Backup 2.8

Spb Screenshot

Smart Lock

Hexagons for start menu


All cursors except the standard arrow

Security check (Thanks to Adrynalyne)

Screen Calibration

Theme Editor (icon still shows in settings but will not work)

Large Display (icon still shows in settings but will not work)

Business Card Reader

Connected Home

Digital Frame

Infrared Drivers

Main Menu

Media Album

Non English Keyboards

Photo Slides



Samsung Today 1


Smart Reader

Testing exes (there are a bunch of testing items in this ROM due to its beta status, those are removed)

Text Messsage Retry

Touch Player


Video Editor

Visual Voice Mail

Welcome Center (completely removed and screen alignment preset, you may need to tap the start menu button to get the today screen to load)


Windows Update


And more...

User Customization:

My ROM uses a user customization tool called XDA_UC created by Noonski. It will allow you to place your theme, tweaks, cabs and other files on your storage card and have them installed automatically after a flash or hard reset. To get a better idea of what I am talking about please see this thread over at XDA-Developers:

These files will need to be put in a folder in the root of your storage card. The folder is called XDA_UC.

For your theme to be used you will need to rename it to My.tsk and place it in the XDA_UC folder. Then on first boot your theme will be used.

Cab file installation. If you want cabs to be installed to device memory the place them in the XDA_UC folder. These cabs will be installed silently and need no user interaction. If you want a cab file to be installed to your Storage card or My Storage then you will need to place cab file in XDA_UC/SD. Any cab files in this folder will auto launch but will ask you where to install them. After installation you will need to tap on OK and the next cab file installation will start.

Reg tweaks that you put in will need contain the following line at the top of the file "Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00", a line space must be included at the end of the file. If you look at the XDA-Devlopers thread I linked above you will see more information about this.

Now that I have done this there are some changes to the startup procedure. Please note the changes so you do not have issues.

You no longer need to tap on the start menu to have the ROM finish loading. This will be done automatically for you. Wait for about 30 seconds or so and you will see a customization popup that will let you know that customization is starting. You can tap on the countdown number to start or just let it count down. This will install any items that you have in the XDA_UC folder.

If you have no XDA_UC folder you will still see the customization popup. Tap on the countdown or let it finish. It will finish installation of the items I have placed in the ROM.

Once this has finished a popup screen will appear letting you know that the customizations have finished. OK out of this screen and your device will soft reset to complete all installations.

MS3 version: This version does not contain Titanium. Everything that is included in the normal version for Titanium has been removed also. Bafs GPS Toggle added.

Known issues:

Mid and Midi files not playing from file explorer. (Fix cab attached. Will now play files using WMP. Fix will be included in the next update)

Please let me know if you run in to any issues. ;)

Zipped file if someone has issues with the bin file download.

MS3 version.

MS3 Zipped


Was looking forward to trying your ROMs, but the file share links don't appear to be active anymore:

Please let me know if you run in to any issues. smile.gif

Zipped file if someone has issues with the bin file download.

MS3 version.

MS3 Zipped

Just figured I would let you know.

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