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Speereo Voice Launcher 1.0 released

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Speereo Software is proud to present the next-gen User Interface for touchscreen Windows Mobile devices. Speereo Voice Launcher enables users to start applications, web pages and documents (files) with the press of 1 button and a voice command. You don't even need to close the current application and go back to the Today screen. The operation is truly intuitive once you set up the program in 5 to 10 minutes.

With Speereo Voice Launcher user is 2 words away from any imaginable content. For example to have “Weather Forecast” at hand one can pick any weather data provider that seems trustworthy, set up the page layout, including any city, the forecast period, e.t.c. To do this you have to visit the web page once, set all view parameters, then copy the address and paste it in the Launcher “Voice Command” tab. The last step is to type any voice command. Apart from this example, there are numerous applications for this technology. You can launch web sites, programs, photo albums, music playlists, frequently used documents, e.t.c.

With Speereo Voice Launcher you can free your Today screen from icons to display the information you really need (phone calls, appointments, weather, e.t.c.). Speereo Voice Launcher dramatically improves the usability of your Windows Mobile device. Voice-enabled products tend to be costly, we offer SVL for just $9.95. Just download the trial and evaluate.

Designed for Microsoft Windows Mobile Touchscreen only.

For additional information visit http://www.speereo.com/Products/launcher.html. To read how it works & how to set up visit http://speereouk.wordpress.com/2009/05/14/...ncher-is-ready/. Edited by Paul

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