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HTC Snap updates - T-Mo USA and Sprint versions spied

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It may not have the hottest specs in town but the HTC Snap - follow up to the wildly successful and much loved HTC Excalibur / Dash - is much anticipated!

Further details have emerged on two further operator specific versions, namely the T-Mobile USA bound 'Dash 3G' and the Sprint bound (via Best Buy in this instance) HTC S511.

Check out the pics below courtesy of T-Mo News and BoyGeniusReport. You can check the S511 out directly at the Best Buy website.

I'm torn between a Snap, a Samsung Jack and a Samsung Propel Pro personally as my new Smartphone of choice... any advice? <_<



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Any better pics of the Sprint version? From that pic it looks like there's a regular DPad rather that a trackball?*Edit*

Found some here, looks like a dpad all right, not sure I like the shineyness though:

Sprint Snap

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