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Sync in Bootloader?

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Hi Guys and Girls,

My HD seems to be playing up - I installed virtual Moblie sync software all seemed fine for a while.

The other day I soft reset my phone and on reboot it asked me for my Virtual Mobile login which I couldn't remember

I pulled the battery and every time I turn on now it loads up as normal but shows me a black screen with device locked in the title bar. There is a cursor flashing in the middle of the screen but no text input is possible. Can't press any buttons or get any menus - but people seem to be able to phone me. After the call phone freezes on the caller ID page

What I really need is to be able to sync with active sync in the bootloader before hard resetting

Any suggestions??

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Ok so switched on phone and left to load up for a while - plugged in to pc.

PC connects but as storage device as this was the last action performed. I cannot select anything on the phone so can't select sync via activesync

Anyone know of a way to force activesync to come alive without having to press anything on the handset itself??

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OK hard reset it is

I had this happen to me. Tried everything I could think of (except hard reset) and nothing worked. Then, about 3 days later, I connected the cable and up popped the menu, selected Activesync and away it went. Been fine ever since. Very Weird ! :D


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