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Comprehensive ALL Shadow Mods/Hacks/Themes/Support

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Hello, I currently use a shadow and continue to mess around with it, even though that there lots of more advanced phones out there.

However, I just love my shadow and I'm sure that there are lots of more people that still use the shadow and want to do more to the phone.

That's why I HIGHLY recommend to visit the site AllShadow.com. I'm not trying to advertise, I'm trying to help out.

There are many geniuses over at the site, which is a blog, wiki, and a forum. You MUST check out the forum and the wiki- they both have TONS of information and tips for all you shadow users, and there is currently a forum also for you G1 users (and more phones to be added soon).

There is so much that can be done to this smart phone, watching smoother movies, speeding up the device, LONGER BATTERY, and many new 6.1 roms.

I'l continue to post here and try to help out, but also check out Allshadow.com and add yourself as a user.


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Wow, good to see somebody pluggin AS for a change. I would also like to add that there is an extensive Android forum, as well as (some) support for phones like the Wing and Dash.

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