Full Review of DXIA5 Rom's new updates

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may be its just because u hv Singapore ver (DZIA5) NOT Philippines(DXIA5) ROM

Probably yes , because i have the Chinese characters and keyboard in input option.

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Where can i get the new touch player without having to download the rom?

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hi friends... ;)

we all know that DXIA5 is the great rom with some great updates and bugs fix

Those people who Love the original omnia, its original look, its original applications, DXAI5 is the best rom for them

so here is my Full Review of DXIA5 Rom's new updates:


Whats New???

Well I think Almost Everyone Know that but i'll explain it with screen shots

New Full Screen Volume Control Batter Then HTC:


DXIA2 has this

First of all New Phone Book With Some Bug Fix N With New Update:

DXIA5 Rom Has New updated Phone Book with thumb scroll which is more easy n faster then older one


DXIA2 has this

new phone book has new skinned contact saving option, like older one it doesn't go to win mo default contact for entry and saving


DXIA2 has this

DXIA5 Has new Touch Player:

new touch player has some new modifications and with some new effects, it has all new album option with new thumb scroll transactions effects (Just like iphone)

post-509919-1246312761_thumb.png post-509919-1246312939_thumb.png post-509919-1246313021_thumb.png

post-509919-1246313082_thumb.png post-509919-1246313118_thumb.png post-509919-1246313160_thumb.png

old one is something like that:

post-509919-1246313313_thumb.jpg post-509919-1246313340_thumb.jpg post-509919-1246313365_thumb.jpg

so overall a great improvement i like it very much

has Qbus4 clean ROM so don't know if DXIA2 also has this

Next improvement is favorite setting option in launcher menu:

favorite setting option is the great update, now u don't need to go to default Win Mo setting option for some basic settings you can easily do this with the help of favorite setting's thumb optimized interface and some preset one touch settings

post-509919-1246313900_thumb.png post-509919-1246313949_thumb.png post-509919-1246313976_thumb.png

DXIA2 has this

post-509919-1246314035_thumb.png post-509919-1246314076_thumb.png post-509919-1246314104_thumb.png

DXIA2 has this

post-509919-1246314145_thumb.png and old one is post-509919-1246314280_thumb.jpg

DXIA2 has this

DXIA5 has Some new Applications:

Share Pix:

this is very useful application for uploading ur pics directly to any of your favorite picture web site, in camera you also have this uploading option... means u directly upload ur pics just after its click

post-509919-1246315156_thumb.png post-509919-1246315192_thumb.png

DXIA2 has this but have not tried it yet

Connected Home:

DXIA5 has Latest Wireless DLNA Connectivity option , you can use ur omnia to connect any DLNA enable device like Microsoft XBOX

and Share Ur Files through Connected Home.

post-509919-1246315930_thumb.png post-509919-1246315966_thumb.png post-509919-1246316230_thumb.png

New Useful online Widgets:

DXIA5 has whole new Online Widgets with more customization

new Rom has some most useful widget like CNN News, Google Search, Accuweather, yahoo finance

all widgets skinned well for omnia and you can choose your favorite widgets for today and also download new widgets directly

here are some screen shot:

post-509919-1246317170_thumb.png post-509919-1246317258_thumb.png post-509919-1246317303_thumb.png

post-509919-1246317386_thumb.png post-509919-1246317409_thumb.png post-509919-1246317433_thumb.png

post-509919-1246317508_thumb.png post-509919-1246317538_thumb.png

Silver Inbox Is Working Great On this Rom:

Although Silver Inbox is missing In windows folder so you have to install is separately (i Installed the latest one from modaco)

but its work great on this rom

post-509919-1246318688_thumb.png post-509919-1246318710_thumb.png

New Motion Based Game Pre Installed(On My Storage):

Two Motion Based Games Pre Installed in this rom Both Work Great





Some Promotional And Tutorial Videos of omnia is also on My Storage and there are Two Movies Trailers (Kung Fu Panda & Transformers)...

there are Two omnia Themed Ringtone .mp3 is also on My Storage

Battery life:

battery Life is great its More then 2-3 Day (Normal Use)

Gps Connectivity (without extra download):

one thing i also want to share its gps connectivity is superb

its takes approx. 1 min to lock (most of the time... max. 2 min) believe me

Free Rom And Ram:

After installation


Total 94.20

in use 54.60

free 54.60


Total 96.55

In Use 31.55

Free 65 (Approx.)

I Hope It'll Be Helpful For Those Who Want To Try This Original Rom DXIA5

DXIA5 Installation Help You Can Find On

Thanks :D

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I have two questions and my be someone know the answer....

First... If I select in country Philippines and I donwload... the languaje of the rom wil be in English?????

And a second question... For thouse who have installed DXID1 can we install the DXIA5 rom without problem????

Thanks for read

Your language will be English and I didn't have installed DXID1 when i updated to DXIA5. But I think that won't be a problem.

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hi Friends

we all know windows mobile 6.5 releasing soon...

and samsung will not give us any free WM 6.5 update for our omnia....

so, any chef interested to update DXIA5 from Wm 6.1 to WM 6.5 With Its All default application... (i know there are many 6.5(DXIA5) custom roms but i just want WM 6.5 instead of Wm 6.1 nothing else changed just like if samsung give us any 6.5 update)



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I tried, but I am from Czech Republic, and I am automatically redirected to Czech site :

Can you upload official DXIA5 somewhere, please. Best is megaupload, it is fast.

Thanks for help

then go to manually by changing country

and then go to support


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Hmmm. Trying, but ROM is unavaliable.

I cant find it also on

Is here somebody who can upload it please?

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