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Fix SMS timestamp issue on moto q9h running wm6.1

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Hi everyone!!!

I can't believe I'm actually going to be the person posting the solution to this problem, but I guess it's true that perseverance pays off smile.gif

This post is in regards to the sms timestamp issue that I've noticed several people are having with the moto q9 once they upgrade to wm6.1 and are on a Canadian service provider.

***This solution involves modifying your device's registry, so if you do not feel comfortable or are unfamiliar with the process, please do not proceed with the modification. I will not be held responsible for any bricked/malfunctioning devices as a result of this tweak***

Use a reg editor (I used the free PHM registry editor), and navigate to:

-HKLM (HKey Local Machine)




Now that you're in the RilDrv Folder, there should be a few more folders in here...don't navigate to any specific one, just click the "values" softkey (whatever it may be for your devices), and somewhere in the values that become visible, you should see one that says "LocalizedTimeStamp." Open that value and modify it's value to "0" (without the " " of course)

Reboot your device, wait 10 seconds, cross your fingers and toes, and restart your device. Once your device is fully booted, and seems to be functioning normally, send yourself a text message, and check the received timestamp. It *should* be correct (ie. a minute or two or less in the future of your sent timestamp). To be sure it isn't just for your own texts, ask someone to text you anything, and hopefully the result it yields will be the same.

I have only tested this solution on an unlocked Motorola Q9h from Fido, running the unlocked AT&T WM6.1 ROM on Rogers.

I serached for close to a month with no real viable solution, so I just kept poking and prodding at my registry. Yeah, kinda dangerous I know, but I was at my wits end with this little bug. Finally though, the time and investigation paid off smile.gif

Hope it goes well for all of you out there who are having the same problem!

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