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Audio library for handhelds

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Hi WinMo developers,

as a first topic, I have of course some development questions, but I also intend to turn this first topic to some knowledge base about c++ audio development for handheld devices, so that it may be as much useful for other users than for me.

I'm conducting a small survey about audio libraries to include them in some game I'm creating for Windows mobile device (and maybe later on Iphone and others). Therefore, I'm looking for the bests audio libraries that would fulfill my needs, as described later on.

Since the following lines of this topic may turn to a long list of needs, libraries and features, I'll start by asking my first question and let you know the details after : What library would you advise to use (or not to use) for digital sound format manipulation with handheld device ?

Needed Features


- open MP3/OGG and WAV files


- play / pause / stop

- multi channel


- volume control

- 3d sound management would be a nice bonus


- C or C++ library

- lightweight (small memory print and CPU usage)

- cross-platform (Window Mobile 6.0, Iphone OS)

- Free (or low-cost license for commercial use)

From this point, I'll make a list of the available libraries I could find and the information I'll find about them from now (I'm still at the beginning of the survey, the point is to be able to receive as much help as this knowledge base could give to anyone looking for audio features on Google and such).

MikMod sound library




DirectSound : NO

- Sound library from Microsoft DirectX

- Removed from Windows CE in 5.0 in favor to Waveform Audio (Waveform)


SDL Mixer


Miles Sound System

Open Sound System



Simple DirectMedia Layer

Simple and Fast Multimedia Library

This list shall be organized (some APIs only offer file format management, some other only output, some rely on another...) depending on their base features and their abstraction level, completed and refreshed... I hope your replies will help me for this task ;)

Thanks for your help,

Hoping you'll have fun and a lot of achievements in your development work :D

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