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tg01 ringing volume

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hi, how are people finding the ring volume and in call volume?

Mine is only just audible, orange are sending a replacement today, but if its still the same ??

Has anyone found the registry entry with a posiblity to make it louder?

I dont think its the limitation of the speaker thats the problem as the dtmf keypad tones are way louder than the conversation volume, and the same applies to blue tooth connections too.

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The Volume is way too low, same goes for the vibration. I hardly notice if someones tries to contact me. And that won´t change with a replacement phone delboydell. ;)

You could try the following. Some say it´s louder after that, but i can´t confirm this. :D

Use a registry editor and navigate to:

HKCU / ControlPanel / SoundCategories / Alarm

Change the DWord for Alarm to 5

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