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Help!Help!! I need a barcode software to design some labels ,Inmmediately!

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This is a barcode and labels which i find in the internet.

How can i design this kind of barcode ?

At work we use the commercial products Bartender from a company called Seagull Scientific or Loftware Label Manager from Loftware Inc.

What specific task do you have in mind? If it's a one off for A4 stationary then these are probably a bit beyond what you are looking for. I'm sure there are free generators out there on the web that you could use to create just the barcode element and place it into a template of your own creation. Here's the first one I stumbled across Barcode Generator


leedsrgaskell - animetrader.co.uk

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how about Label Mx Pro.one of my friend tell me it is really good! maybe you can have a try. he doesn't have much professional experiences, but with this software, he said he can create an attractive lable! so if you want to learn more about it, maybe you can search it in google! ;)

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