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Customising the TG01

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Thought I'd post a couple of customisations here if anyone is interested:

1. Nokia Font Changer - changes the regular system font to that of Nokia style - quite nice! (REQUIRES A SOFT RESET) - originally from the xda developers forum

2. For those still using the standard today screen, here's a cab file that removes the today seperator lines so that your wallpaper isnt obscured by them. (NO RESET REQUIRED) from the xda developers forum

3. Activating cleartype in landscape (which is OFF by default)

Using a registry editor search for the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GDI\ClearTypeSettings.

Set value OffOnRotation to 0. (REQUIRES A SOFT RESET)

4. Installing the Touch HD Comm Manager not only works well but does look much better than Toshibas' Comm manager. Unfortunately the wifi toggle doesnt work so in order to turn on wifi it has to be done from connection settings/wifi


(same link supplied by Barny Stumble)

I also recommend SKTools for changing system colours and adjusting system parameters.


My Touch Pro 2 has its file System Cache set to Auto in SkTools whereas the TG01 had it set at 512k. Not seen any adverse effects since having changed the TG01 to Auto too.

...possibly more to follow...




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