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TG01 Hardware AddOn - MEMS Sensor!

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Usuda Research Institute & Systems Corp in Japan has developed an accessory for the Toshiba TG01 which brings Wii Motion Plus-like technology to the device.

The module was uses a MEMS motion sensor and the company’s proprietary software technology. It is intended exclusively for the "T-01A," (Japan’s Toshiba TG01) one of the latest handsets released by NTT DoCoMo Inc.

The MEMS sensor does not only measure acceleration, but also angular velocity sensors, and in the demo video below allows a user to use his phone as a window upon a virtual world.

The TG01 has USB host functionality, and the module uses this interface to communicate with the TG01.

It can also be controlled by the T-01A’s touch screen and be used to view pictures taken by the TG01’s camera.


It´s a strange little thing, but somehow i´m really attracted by it (it has blinking leds in its current state! ;) )

I don´t know how that could enhance the TG01 experience, but it will come over time i guess (maybe some super stylish Shell?)

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if it eventually supports games in landscape mode since i dont see it being held comfortably in portrait then i can wait till it comes out. if its only going to be used for pictures then they can keep it and ill keep my money.

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