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New, free(!) cellular-to-Wi-Fi Internet sharing app released

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If you know my Multiplatform Bible of using your handset as a modem, you may already know ICSControl, WalkingHotSpot and WMWifiRouter, the (so far) three applications that make a Wi-Fi access point out of your Windows Mobile phone.

Now, a brand new Wi-Fi access point app, HTC CM Wifi Internet Sharing, has been released by XDA-Developers moderator Noonski. It’s available for download HERE (free XDA-Devs registration needed if you aren’t already a member). The (separate) QVGA version, with the built-in HTC Scroll, is at the bottom of the post. You’ll also want to check out the FAQ.


I’ve, after having very thoroughly tested it on my WinMo phones, started a compatibility list of the app. It’s currently available HERE. Note that, should it exceed the 10kchar limit, I’ll break it into two (or more) parts.

As you can see, there are a lot of model + ROM version combinations that it’s incompatible with (as opposed to, say, WMWifiRouter, which I’ve found compatible with almost everything). If it does not work and neither does WMWifiRouter, then, try installing kliptik’s ICS CAB. I recommend WMWifiRouter to test it against; it has a trial version (HERE). It’s much easier to use / configure than ICSControl and WalkingHotSpot doesn’t have a trial.

Also, Omnia users will want to try the CAB HERE on phones that the new app is incompatible with. (The latter can only be installed on genuine Omnias and nothing else, it seems – that is, don’t even bother installing it on non-Omnias.)

Note that it's fully incompatible with MS Smartphones (WM Standard devices), it seems - don't even bother trying. (See my related report HERE.)

If WMWifiRouter does work but this app doesn’t, then, try consulting my compatibility list to see whether there’re success stories of your phone at all. If there are, check out the ROM version they have and even consider flashing your phone to it. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to go through that torture, just consider shelling out $30 for WMWifiRouter or WalkingHotSpot – or learn to use ICSControl.

Note that some sites have even called the app “a WMWifiRouter killer”. Well, it’s still far-far away from that, particularly on phones that it’s plain incompatible with. And, of course, it can only share the connection via Wi-Fi and not other means (BT, USB).

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