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  • Activate MP3 Ringtone :

    launch *.exe then select your *.mp3, check and press OK !
    Now you have Your *.mp3 in WM Ringtone List !

    [LeSScro] MP3 Ringtone TG01
    • Custom Shellres.192.dll and Custom TaskBar

      Change Start menu Button, All task abr statuts and notifications, default folder style (black) and files (System, windows)
      Look s good in Resco explorer !

      LeSScro TaskBar

      • Custom LeSScro.dll

      I create this DLL to use some highres Icon to customize my Start Menu !

      DLL + Start Menu with iCON.LNK

      (White Folder with specific Picture associate in transparency)

      Looks Good in LaunchPad !


      [*]Samsung R2VS

      Custom version ! Little screen size but all feature works without problem ! Must have For S2P user !

      Add 3.1 & 5.1 emulation sound with headjack !

      [LeSScro] TG01 Samsung R2VS



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Hey LeSScro,

you won´t need any additional tools to use MP3 as Ringtone. Just navigate to your MP3 and click Use as Ringtone in the Contextmenue.

And please add screenshots or a detailed description for your other tweaks so that we know what exactly is achieved when using those.

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Hey SinSilla, thx for tips ! On all forum !

Pictures demo added !

try if you want ! :)

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