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Today or not Today?

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These days in Windows Mobile, people replace their standard today screen with shells. However, the main feature of the today screen is the ability to add plugins to it. Plugins are usually focused on one task: weather forecast, call, run programs, battery status, internet traffic, the balance of the account, etc. Shells also solve all the tasks, but do not specialize in any one of them and do not support the addition of the plugins. So you have to choose, todays screen with plugins or a shell?

To once again put the user in the difficult spot, Elecont Company released a new version of the Elecont Dialer plugin with a lot of changes, which is now called Elecont Dialer-Vibro Touch . Such renaming reflects the fact that now when you click on a contact photo, the device vibrtes. This is changing the tactile sensation of working with the phone. A similar function previously has been implemented in the Elecont Launcher-Vibro Touch . These two programs form a useful desktop on the device today screen, allowing you to make calls, run programs, open websites, read email, send SMS by double-clicking on the contact photo or program icon etc.

Elecont Dialer-Vibro Touch is released as a separate program and as a member of the Elecont Desktop - Vibro Touch.


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