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David Strange

The best FPS for the TG01

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Hi there,

I wondered if anyone had tried any good first person shooter games for the TG01. Any recommendations?



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You could try Call of Duty 2, it´s working quite good on the TG01 and it´s considered to be the best looking ppc fps so far (beside the hw accelerated version of quake 3 of course). It would even work in Fullscreenmode, but it´s rather slow and the image gets stretched.

I tried to get Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Quake 1-3, Wolfenstein etc working but had no success. (due to the lack of opengl support / driver issues / none working whitescreen fix...)

But as you may have seen i´ve played the PSX Version of Quake 2 on my TG01 with FpseCE. But due to the restrictions in V.0.9.6 it was only working in portrait mode.


Whats very interesting/annoying: the 3d accelerated version of CoD2 is way slower than the software version! This bugs me out, i want new opengl drivers!

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