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Run WinMo on Blackberry Storm

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I had to get a blackberry storm (the worst thing i couldve done)

anyway, the os sucks. its complete garbage compared to windows mobile. and the blackberry community is very useless.

So since i know everyone here is usually quite helpful i wanted to see if anyone could guide me in the right direction with trying to run winmo on my storm...

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I think you may not have any luck with this, the reason for this is that first you would have to find some developers who are interested in trying to port Windows Mobile over to to the Storm, then you would have the drivers etc to contend with to get it working especially how the Storm has a different take on the touchscreen.

The closest you may get is this Windows Mobile theme


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the main issue is RIM keep all the driver and hardware information private so writing drivers would be really complex and long winded, might be best to cut your loses and sell it!

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