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FEWidgets Ultimate 1.0b4 - Widget based UI

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If you're fond of changing the look and feel of your device every now and then :), there are many options for changing the UI (User Interface).

Another that has been recently updated is XDA nicodega's FEWidgets Ultimate 1.0b4 which works by letting you drag and drop widgets onto a maximum of 4 home screens until you're happy. ;)

It's a Today plugin for WM 6.1/6.5 only though (WM 5 and 6.0 are not supported).

Here are some of the features:

- Haptic feedback. When clicking on widget buttons you’ll feel a small vibration.
- Multiple Layouts/Pages support (up to 4).
- Multiple Windows for each page with 0 loading time.
- Fullscreen Mode.
- Support for Landscape/Portrait modes.
- Skinnable though XML files (or just modifying the images).
- Scriptable through javascript.
- Extensible though C++ plugins.
- Support for Acceleration/Light sensor on the engine. (not used right now by any Widget)

MobileMatt has also put together an alternative skin for it here: MobileMatt FEWidgets Ultimate Theme v1.0.0

Via [FuzeMobility]

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