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Ofcom called to reduce porting times in a report last week

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Ofcom called to reduce porting times in a report last week

Ever ported your number from one operator to another operator? Have you thought it is silly that you have to wait up to 1 week for the port to happen? And you wished that it could be quicker?

Ofcom agrees with you! They are now calling for all operators to upgrade the system to make things happen much quicker. Ofcom is recommending 2 hours!

However not everyone agrees with it...

Vodafone, T-Mobile and O2 have slammed an Ofcom report calling for the reduction of porting times to two hours, saying that money could be better spent elsewhere.

Ofcom released a report last week proposing to further reduce porting times to two hours. The regulator has also launched a consultation on changing the current system where the customer must request a Pac code from their old network before porting their number to the new network.

Ofcom said in the original report that changing the routing system would result in a £26 million saving for the industry.

However, Operators argued that lessening the porting times to two hours and changing the routing process could require significant investment, as it will require a fully automated service.

It's good to see Ofcom looking into this as I think the PAC porting needs a major overhaul. However I also can see a big issue of this being abused, i.e. someone calls you (i.e. cold calling) and sells you a package that you took up. They port your number over to them in a short space of time. What if you changed your mind? Or perhaps fraud are involved and it's too late to back away from it?

So what do you think? Do you agree with Ofcom or the mobile operators?

[Via: Mobile Today]

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