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Microsoft, Nokia plan mobile Office deal

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Microsoft, Nokia plan mobile Office deal

Rumor has it - Microsoft and Nokia are planning to offer Microsoft Office on Nokia mobile phones.

Microsoft is expected on Wednesday to announce a partnership with European mobile giant Nokia to help get its Office software onto that company's mobile phones, CNET News has learned.

With the next version of Office, Microsoft is trying to expand its desktop hold on the productivity market into one that spans the PC, Web, and phone, and this deal is seen as a significant move in that last category.

The software maker has already said that, with the next version of Office, it plans to offer browser-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Those programs will be able to run inside Safari and Firefox in addition to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. That means that Office, for the first time, will run on Linux-based machines.

On the phone side, Microsoft has shown the ability for Office 2010 documents to be displayed on a variety of mobile phones. So far, the only phones that have their own native versions of Office have been those running Microsoft's Windows Mobile software.

If this goes ahead, this will bring in more people closely to the Microsoft world and allowing them to manage their document files easily while on the move.

If this has been confirmed, do you think this is a great idea? Will you be switching to Nokia phones for this features?

[Via: CNET News]

Edit - Here's the official press release by Microsoft regarding the Microsoft & Nokia deals


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