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Qtek 8080 native ROM [SOLVED]

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Hi, all.

I got this problem with 1.05 bootloader that I cannot flash my phone with any firmware available using fixed greek rom updater. Can someone please provide me with native Qtek 8080 firmware? I suppose this is only the a solution to fixup my phone. Please do not provide links to qtek.nu they are all dead!

Update: the most appreciated would be the QTEK ROM as I found out that my phone's flash can be readable only by 2.6.2 updater that comes with latest versions. for example Orange ROM upodater can read my rom version, but VoUpgradeUT-GR-fixed is 2.4.0 and it does not read my firmware properly.

Solution: I found some very old topics where people say that greek ROM updater worked for them even with 1.05 boot loader. So I used Windows XP sp2 and ActiveSync 3.8 tried again and... I was able to flash my Qtek with latest Orange firmware though it take a while (about 30 mins). Now I have bootloader 1.07.02! :)

For those who could not make it work I got the link to oldest native Qtek update: http://www.smartmobility.nl/_BIN/STAR_DT_E...026730_Ship.zip

P.S. I suppose topic can be closed.

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