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3 AUS ROM release for Sapphire

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An updated ROM has been released for the Sapphire (32A devices only!) via HTC for 3 Australia... in RUU form (found via xda-developers!)

You should NOT apply this as a whole to your device as it includes a fixed bootloader!

BUT... there is a way to get it on your device! This is theoretical at this point (I don't have a 32A device!), so do a nandroid backup first m'kay and let us know how you get on!

- Download it from this link

- Run it (don't plug your device in) and let it get to the point where it can't find the device - when you get the error pop up, don't OK it

- Now type %temp% to open your temporary directory, and sort by date

- You will see the latest directory has a name with lots of numbers. Inside, you'll see another directory, open that and you'll find 'rom.zip'

- Extract that ZIP to somewhere (e.g. your desktop) using WinRAR or similar

- Close the RUU now

- You can now use 'fastboot' to install only the required files. For example...

- Boot into the bootloader by powering off, then powering on while holding down 'back'

- fastboot flash boot boot.img

- fastboot flash radio radio.img

- fastboot flash system system_2.17.861.2_release.img

- fastboot flash userdata userdata.img (note, this wipes your data)

And you're done!


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I have a rogers HTC magic running on the Telstra network will this rom work for me or should I be looking for one for the rogers phone? I would realy like sense but I don't want to brick my phone or make it start running on telstra 2100 network... it's currently great on the 850 network and don't want to stop that.

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