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Blackberry 'fastest-growing firm'

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Blackberry 'fastest-growing firm'

According to the business magazine Fortune, Research in Motion (RIM), the maker of the Blackberry mobile phone, is the world's fastest-growing company with the profits which has grown 84% over the past three years.

The maker of the Blackberry mobile phone, Research in Motion (RIM), is the world's fastest-growing company, according to business magazine Fortune.

Canada-based RIM has come top of the magazine's latest annual guide to the 100 fastest-growing businesses.

In second place was US chipmaker Sigma Designs, with Chinese internet business Sohu.com coming in third.

Fortune rates a firm's growth on a combination of its profits, turnover and investment return over three years.

I have seen an increased numbers of Blackberries at work (I work in I.T. Services). People were asking to order new handset for work/business related. I have seen people using Blackberry as a personal handset. I guess RIM have created "something" that makes people want to own one.

For me, I'm sticking to normal mobile phones as I don't like its rounded design. :D

But what about you? What Blackberry handset do you own? And what's good about it?

[Via: BBC News Technology]

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