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BBGFX 2D graphics library beta

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I've needed to create various 2D graphics primitives (optimized ARM asm code) for the commercial games that I've produced. I decided that it's time to release this as a product so that other programmers can make use of it. The purpose of this product is to allow high speed games to be written for Windows Mobile. I realize that there is already a product for that purpose (GapiDraw), but my product will compete on price and features. I've created a small demo app which shows off some of the capabilities. I've included a Windows Mobile EXE which should run on most devices along with the main app source code and resources.

BBGFX Demo zip file

The zip file also includes preliminary documentation for the library.

Here is the feature list so far:

1) 1bpp and 16bpp support for fast bitblt, stretchblt with transparent color + translucency

2) Full alpha channel support for bitblt

3) Line drawing

4) Easy image loading from BMP, GIF, PNG, TGA (memory, resource or external file)

5) Fast 2D rotate to any angle (0-359).

6) Support for filmstrip images (similar to Win32 ImageLists)

7) Gradient fill (rectangular areas)

Please let me know what you think. I will offer substantial discounts for Beta testers who provide useful feedback.


Larry B.

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I'm adding elipse and filled elipse functions this weekend.

Does anyone who downloaded it have any comments?


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I ran this on my Motorola Q9M (WM 6.0). Impressive speed, with absolutely no slowdown in FPS. Colors filled nicely while animations went smoothly. I can see potential use of this in console emulation and image editing.

Nice work Bitbank :D

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