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Mobile TV 'very slow' to take off

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Mobile TV 'very slow' to take off

Seems that the so-called "Mobile TV" has been slow to take off, even that they thought it would be popular a few years ago. However they are still saying that it would increase to 54 million users worldwide by 2009.

Mobile TV has so far failed to deliver on its promise of ubiquity, but analysts expect worldwide user numbers to increase to 54 million in 2009.

Analysts also predict that by 2013 there will be about 300 million people watching TV on the so-called third screen, their smart phone.

Industry watchers said the biggest potential will be in emerging markets.

"Mobile TV is just not as big a deal as we all thought it would be," Frank Dickson of Reed Business told the BBC.

"The idea combines the two biggest things around: TV and phones. Everyone has a TV and everyone has a mobile phone. So of course the industry thought the prospect of bringing the two together was going to be huge.

"In reality, live mobile TV has been very slow to take off," explained Mr Dickson.

I watch TV shows now and then, i.e. BBC iPlayer, Youtube, etc but not as much as I wanted to due to lack of good 3G speed around my home area. Even if I do get 3G speed, I still see a slight delay/buffering while watching. Could this be the cause of the slow take off?

Do you watch Mobile TV? What do you think of it? And do you have any issue with it?

[Via: BBC News Technology]

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