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New firmware!!

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new firmware!!! Well I7500XEIH2 was found here, and it can be flashed using odin. I have to say its flying with this new firmware.

New PC suite still doesnt work, and I've only had it on for 5 minutes so I don't know if the reboot stuff is fixed either.

FYI. Firmware was found here:


Direct link: http://firmware.javer.sgh.ru/?frm=I7500XEIH2&t=4

You need to download odin from here:


1) Put the phone in download mode (with the phone powered off press VOLUME DOWN key + OK + power on)

--- The phone will show you a download mode icon ---

2) Open Odin Multi Loader

3) select OPS (You'll find this in the odin folder)

4) select boot, phone and pda tar files

5) just press start and enjoy!

Don't select the CSC file or you'll get their operator branding (russian). If you don't select it your phone will be unbranded!

Remember you'll loose all your settings and data, so backup or something.


Changes noticed so far:

- Its ALOT faster

- There's now 45mb free memory from boot

- That anoying lock button thing is fixed (where if you press the unlock button for more than a second, but not long enough to unlock it, it displays the lock screen, but if you then decide to unlock it, you need to release the button for 2 seconds and then long press)

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Hi kam187, do you know if http://firmware.javer.sgh.ru/ is an official samsung resource or not? Many people on an italian forum say that they want to download the firmware only from an official website...

I think it is. In anycase arent these files suposed to be signed, otherwise they wouldn't flash from the bootloader, you'd have to use a system image.

Anyway the build number translates to August 2nd build (russian region).

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An italian firmware has been released on PCstudio ^^

Yeah H7 is out!

EDIT: Its only available to Italian users through their PC Suite. Someone uploaded the tar file on hdblog.it, and its actually I7500ITVH2 - so the same version as the above one, but the italian version. You can use the adb files to flash the images from the tar if you want it

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