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Alex (nedge2k)

Outlook Live Goes...Er...Live! :D

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Got a new Exchange server running Exchange 2010? Then get your WM device hooked up ASAP!

A shiny new version of Outlook Mobile is being pushed out to users of Exchange 2010, bringing with it some rather nice new features, such as SMS sync, threaded email and finger friendly UI to make things like folder selection easier!

If your are hooked up to Exchange 2010 and the update has not hit your device, you can download the setup .cab via the following URL:


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The setup cab only downloads a file from the exchange server, it doesn't contain the setup files.

You also can't use this unless you have Exchange 2010 otherwise it will say mailbox not setup, even if you do get it installed.

Least we can see where it's going to though :)

if you'd like to try it, the Exchange 2010 RC is free but only lasts for 120 days - link is here:

Tech Net 2010 Download

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