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Resco Photo Viewer alpha

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Probably best known for their excellent File Explorer, Resco have released an Alpha version of Photo Viewer.


some new features:

  • G-sensor support
    • Touch friendlyness
      • The folder shows the preview of the pictures inside it
        • 100% zoom in and out using double clicking (zoom the double clicked area)

          [*] Thumbnail and list view and multiselection operations

            [*] Direct access to the camera

              [*] Upload to Facebook, Flickr

              While it's still in an Alpha state and not fully tested, I can say it's faster and more functional than the standard "Pictures & Videos" and similar in some ways to the TF3D viewer (although it doesn't show videos...feature request? :D )

              You can download it from here: Exe installation file or Cab installation file

              [Via WMExperts]

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