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A question about Balckstone OS Language

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Hi all of you HTC users out there,

Its been awhile since I have posted anything here and I think its in part due to the Smartphone that I am using is not really discussed in this site (TreoPro). But anyway, I would like to go to the HTC Touch Pro when my contract is up because it seems to me like this phone suits all of my needs and to be honest the 3.8" screen is indeed very attractive.

My issue that I have is that I am living in Germany and when I buy a new phone the OS is in German. While it is not such a big deal because I speak German, I find that it is fustrating because I sometimes have to think about what I want to do (when I want to change something technical,etc) and would love to have the OS in English. 

I have learned that with a lot of phones, you can flash the OS and change its language, etc (very difficult to do this with the Treo Pro and 1 of the reasons for my switching), but I have read that this is not so preferred because there are some risks. 

In the old days I know a lot of phones had the ability to change the OS language in the phone's settings or within the installation cd. Is that possible with this phone? To be honest I dont have a lot of experience with HTC phones (or WindowsMobile). The TreoPro was the first WinMo phone I have used. 

I would appreciate it for any insight from you experienced HTC & WinMo users out there. 


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