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Nokia's new mobiles take aim at Facebooking music lovers

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Nokia's new mobiles take aim at Facebooking music lovers

More and more mobile phones are being released that are related to social networking and one of them is the new Nokia N97 Mini where it has better integration with Facebook along with more music features.

Nokia, the world's largest maker of mobile phones, on Wednesday announced new phones loaded with more music features and better integration with Facebook, as well as pricing for its upcoming netbook.

The company announced the new phones and services at its Nokia World Conference in Stuttgart, Germany.

Top on the list of new phones is the N97 Mini, a slightly smaller version of Nokia's existing flagship N97 smartphone. This new, smaller N97 has a shorter battery life than the earlier device and also less memory (8GB compared to 32GB), and a smaller touchscreen display. The device is expected to ship in October. Its list price is €450, about $640, not much less than the full-fledged N97, which initially went on sale in the US for $700.

8GB phone for $640 while the 32GB version costs $700? And the Mini comes with shorter battery life? Where it has "better integration with Facebook and more music features" - surely it would mean you will be using the phone more due to more features? I'd rather pick the normal version of N97 where it will give me more memory and better battery life.

However the article (link below) also mentioned Nokia X6 Music Phone which comes with 32GB of memory, touchscreen and access to Comes With Music service. So it's really a choice of requirements & taste.

Which phone would you get? Would you get the Mini version for these features?

[Via: silicon.com]

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Ah good old Nokia...

They are nothing, if not marketing clever mate...

You see, whilst you are spot on with the price disparity as it first seems, Nokia have been clever to previously market such things. Thereby turning a situation such as this, where you get less RAM, less, battery, and smaller screen etc, for a very narrow lower price than the device's bigger brother, by Nokia selling (and doing a grand job of this normally) this as being "miniaturisation" - most of the same feature set, but in a much smaller, more user-friendly body/size.

And then claiming that such ongoing miniaturisation, comes at a price cost, for the smaller components, etc.

To be fair, they will also likely play up the newer features such as a completely re-designed memory map in the N97 Mini, and the addition of Kinetic Scrolling etc, but without publicising the fact the the N97 Original will ALSO be seeing most of this via Firmware update, once the Mini gets released.

So, clever marketing, or actual real cost burden to Nokia for miniaturisation...?

Feel free to make your own minds up, but I can't fault Nokia for at least marketing this in a positive spin *lol*

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