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Nokia pulls out of World Mobile Congress 2010

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Nokia pulls out of World Mobile Congress 2010

Shock! Horror! Nokia is to pull out of World Mobile Congress in 2010. :)

Well, I'm not shocked at all. It's happening around the world due to dwindling numbers of visitors to the event of any theme, be it cars shows, be it home shows, etc, it's happening to them too. All down to the so-called "credit crunch" where most business who cannot afford to pay big fee to attend these events.

Nokia will not be taking a stand at World Mobile Congress 2010 in Barcelona. The move could trigger a further hemorrhaging of exhibitor numbers at the event.

Nokia’s decision marks a shift in its marketing focus. Nokia will inject funds saved by not booking a WMC stand into user-focused marketing campaigns, including direct marketing.

However Nokia has said they will be still attending, just that they will not have a stand at the event.

[Via: Mobile Magazine Exec]

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