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After finishing my Windows 7 theme for WM6.5 I was just thinking about making a new topic about Windows Mobile 6.5 Themes

No howto's in this topic just new themes and maybe some requests...

UPDATED at 09-09-2009:

The latest theme i'm working on now is based on 'Windows Mobile 7' since there are just a few and probably fake pics it'll be just concept (well basicly just top/down/balloon bar + new a wallpaper) for now...

UPDATED at 13-09-2009:

Finished the Windows Mobile 7 concept theme, changed the background and inserted a Windows Mobile 7 logo as startbutton, just see below...


Attachment = removed


UPDATED at 17-09-2009:

Finished a button'ed version of WM7 (and compatible with build 23047)



UPDATED at 21-09-2009:

Changed the button style again, didn't like the above too much, see below



UPDATED at 13-10-2009:

Changed the button style and color again... used previous build as base but it's compatible like the previous ones to build 23064.



UPDATED at 30-10-2009:

Trimmed the menu's a bit and made 2 different version, 1 is simply a trimmed version but the looks as the previous one and 1 other on many request with a transparant button see the post below.

the NB means No (visible) Button ;')

Both are for B23081 but may or may not work with previous builds)

Button version (trimmed menus):



No Button version (trimmed menus):



UPDATED at 07-11-2009:

As you can see this is the new buttoned version, improved the button layout a bit, made them a bit smaller with some newer effects and some other cosmetic improvements...

I've been a bit busy so finally had some time to fix the problems, a lot of changes in this one, see the pics below...


Well hope you gusy like this one aswell :)


UPDATED at 08-11-2009:

And here are the same graphic improvements (as above) for the "No Buttoned" version:



UPDATED at 18-11-2009:

After some request here the newer WM7 (default blue) theme, but now with the newer graphics and flattened menus...

I made 2 versions, 1 normal with buttons:


And the NB (no button) version:


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cz of the many requests here Windows 7 Premium Black... allthough it's made for Windows 6.5 build 23047, I dunno how it responses in older builds lemme know and make some screenshots.






Same theme as above but now with rounded buttons.... see below...


UPDATED ON 14-09-2009:

On request of Sector here a minor white color request, just apply it and reboot to see the changes.

It should look like this after (the same patch can be applied for the above rounded button version):



UPDATED ON 18-11-2009:

I also made a newer version of the Windows Seven Black theme (v2) with newer rounded buttons with the newer flattened menus, hope you like these buttons aswell, see the screenies and d/l link below:


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Can you make it for earlier WM6.5 roms too like 21xxx. Thanks


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Really nice. The 23047 build doesnt have the right icons but nice theme I use them all the time in my roms :) gwork would like to request the theme working on the 23047 build :)

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+1 for download link xD looking really sexy, although i'd prefer a black with greenish art one, cuz i use black and green colors always :)

guess i'll have to get used to blue colors then... :)

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I'm still looking for a better blue background cz the one I made is just not optimized for the Omnia (microsoft bug) screen. Too many colors/bit so gotta change/decrease it or find something better for 240x400 and 400x240. I'm on work right now so can't fix it at the moment.


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The black theme is excellent. Wonderful work.

+1, the black even looks better than the blue, but i prefer a flat start menu rather than a beveled one

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