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[APP][13.Sep.09] TitaniumRSS [WinMo6.5]

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Hi 2 All,

I was asked, if it's possible to post the download from TitaniumRSS also here, because of my "limitations" that other Pages are not allowed to post it :) But this is only meant for "nice" Pages, who wants to earn money with Freeware - and therefore it's no problem for the Boards to post it.

I already know Modaco.com of course - and perhaps some of you knows me, too. I think Jumba (Hey my Friend) makes great skins for JMLToday/JMLPanex/JMLLibrary, which is a project of JMHL and me. And Jumba gives great support here for JMLToday - so there's no need for me, to do it :)

But... Jumba doesn't read RSS (especially RSS-Feeds with Soccer-Results after the Game Germany-South Africa :) ) - and so I will post TitaniumRSS here because of the wishes - but please understand: It's hard to update 2 Pages at the same time - and so, I will only post the Screenshots, the Installation Instructions and the Download of course - and everything else (like Manual, ChangeLog,...) is to find at xda-devs: *Link to TitaniumRSS-Thread*

Hope this is ok so.

At first: works for QVGA, VGA, WQVGA, WVGA and Standard-Titanium-Themes (which are using normal Titanium<yourRes>.cpr)



Please consider at first:

There is "CAN" and "MUST".

But everything except from TitaniumRSS.cab has to be done only one time. Afterwards it's enough to update only TtitaniumRSS itself.

One warning: Never update or uninstall TitaniumRSS in FullView -because that's not your original cpr - but if you forgot it - no problem -read the FAQs :)

CAN be made :

- Install JMLToday *Download JMLToday* and JMLLibrary >=0.3*Download JMLLibrary* for Comm-Manager-Functionalities.

TitaniumRSSwill see while analysation, that JMLTodayis installed and will set it as Top-Plugin in FullView instead of CClock.

- in Post #2 yu will find a special TitaniumRSS-Skin for JMLToday (animated digital clock already for 5.4 and upper) - which suits to Black design of TitaniumRSS. With Reanalysation you can make it that it'snly in FullView and youcan use another skin in norml Titanium-Mode ("Preview")

MUST (one time) :

- Mortscript 4.2 *Download Mortscript 4.2*

- JMLPanex >= 0.99 / better 1.0 *Download JMLPanex* ,that Titanium-Buttons are working

Installation newest Version of TitaniumRSS :

- if youhavea previous Versin ofTitaniumRSS: Switch to Preview Mode!!! (otherwise don't complain - read FAQs ;)

-also ifyouhave a previous Version ofTitaniumRSS: Save your TitaniumRSS.ini. You will be asked to use former .ini while installing,but if you would say accidently "no"...

- Install TitaniumRSS - .cab into MAIN STORAGE like each Titanium Plugin

during install:

-- as directory for Feeds choose DIRECT "Internal Storage" when you are asked. TitaniumRSS will create subfolder ""TitaniumRSSFeeds" (will be later used also for Skins)

-- If Window for Analysation appears - only press Start -TitaniumRSS will need app. 2 seconds to analyse and clone yoursystem and inject the FullMod-Panels. If successfull - window will close automatic.


To manage your Feeds - only edit the TitaniumRSS.ini in Installation Directory of TitaniumRSS ( \program files\TitanumRSS )

A later Version will make this by Menu, but not for now.

So please have a look - the Value "Hinterster Feed" must set to the number of the last Feed, you have set in TitaniumRSS.ini

I think it's self-explaining how to manage your Feeds.


Hope you like TitaniumRSS - and if you have some ideas to improve it or which is important for you in the future Version - please tell me here in Thread.

Download of TitaniumRSS: TitaniumRSS_1.0_BlackBeauty.CAB

In Post #1 I will also post a suitable JMLToday-Skin - and also JMLPanex 1.00 (but please have a look at xda-devs-Thread for JMLPanex for further updates, if I forget it to update here)

Have Fun


TitaniumRSS is free und will stay free -and is available at:





www.modaco.com :P

Like my work? For motivation, better developing environment and especially coffee :( - to spend much more nights, you can donate a cup of coffee for me.



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The FAQs are to find here:

*click for FAQs to TitaniumRSS*

And here's the suitable JMLToday-Skin for TitaniumRSS 1 :


Together with JMLLibrary >= 0.3 you can use the CommManager-Features with this Skin (JMPanex you already have because of TitaniumRSS-Installation :) )

Also the digital clock is animated - which will you see, when JMLToday5.4 will be released.

And yes - the arms between the Digital clock are the Analog clock.

In TitaniumRSS you can use 2 JMLToday-Skins at the same time.

To do this:

- choose at first (in TitaniumRSS-Preview-Mode) the Skin you want for FullView

- then choose "Reanalyse Theme" in TitaniumRSS-Main-Menu (yourTitanium will be analysed and cloned)

- Then install another JMLToday-Skin you like - e.g. one the great one from Jumba: *click here*

Here's the download for this Skin as Cab's (one for the animated digital clock, one for the Skin-File) - feel free to change and share it, like you want:



And here's to make it easier, the JMLPanex - V1.00: JMLPanexV1.00.cab

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