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eInformatiks releases AndroidLocator

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eInformatiks has released a very useful utility at Android Market Place called AndroidLocator. Now you can track your mobile whether lost at home or anywhere else. This utility has ability to report location of a mobile phone even when GPS is turned off or unavailable. Following is detailed list of all the features of AndroidLocator

- No need of internet, just send a secret SMS from a predefined number and phone will immediately report its current location.

- Location reporting even when GPS is turned Off/Unavailable.

- First application for Android Phones which internally resolves the CellID (Mobile Tower ID) to longitude and latitude.

- Ability to switch off the silent mode and increase ringer volume to maximum through a predefined SMS message

- Operates secretly after initial configuration settings, so no one can notice if it is running or not

- Extremely Battery friendly, as it only wakes up when SIM is changed or new SMS is arrived, completes its work and immediately dies away.

Further details can be viewed at http://einformatiks.com/

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AndroidLocatore Trial version is also launched in Android Market place. So now one can use it for free for 1 week period

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