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Thumb Voice Notes - Personal Audio Recorder (20% off intro price - US$3.99)

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Thumb Voice Notes is a personal audio recorder application, allowing you to record voice notes for yourself in either WAV or OGG. Why bother writting the note down when you out and about, just click 'record' and leave yourself an audio note in your own voice..

Optimised for both QVGA and VGA, and designed for finger friendly use, with easy to press buttons and kinetic/touch scrolling lists (audio file list and folder selection)..

20% off for the first month bringing it to only US$3.99, all the features most people will need in a personal audio recorder without the excessive price point..

14 day demo available from the Modaco Fairdeal software store.

Thumb Voice Notes - Personal Audio Recorder - Personal Productivity Pocket PC Software


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