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CABIntegr Update released!

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The World's first CAB file editor working on a Windows Mobile device!

CABIntegr allow to user create, edit, view, install CAB files.

A helpful tool for all Windows Mobile user, especially for developers, ROM cooker, skinner etc.

No need any PC, so the user is independent. Ideal if you are on the road.

News and updates:

- Added "Create Installer" option. "Installer" it is executable file. This executable include one or more (CAB or/and other) files and can install or execute it after start.

- Script support for the Installer.

- "Set Path", "Create from cab" commandS in "Create" window.

- Scroll (left, right) gestures in settings (WM6.5+ and some WM6.x devices).

- Improved import from REG files.

This update are free for all registered CABIntegr users.

You can get 50% off (time limited offer!) on following webshops:

Handango - Discount code : CBNTGR50F








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