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Omnia i900 WM6.5 roms, which one?

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Hi there, I'm wondering which you think is the best WM6.5 rom for my omnia?

I'm currently using shkv17 and although it is a very, very great improvement from the official samsung rom which I took from there site (WM6.1) there are still some downsides.

Good thing is that now with this rom, my omnia never crashes anymore. The official rom had me reset on a daily base just because the os froze or something.

I just have the feeling that the touchscreen is less sensitive now with this rom, which is ashame :)

And because shkv17 was just my first custom rom I tried, i'm wondering if there are maybe more of these or even better roms out there which you would recommend to me

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Post your question on xda-developers.com and the professional hackers there will help you.

Since XDA is only for HTC phones, they will not help us Omnia users. I suggest hitting http://omniarom.com for ROMS. I am using one of the WinMo 6.5 ROMS from Waremike32. Small, fast, and lots of RAM.

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