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It's great that googlesync allows true push email to the HD, but we're still restricted by WM 6.x to only one ActiveSync account.

But it occurred to em that we could use this activesync account to create pseudo multiple accounts. My idea/logic flow is as follows:

  • Set up a GMAIL account.
  • Set up Activesync so that the new GMAIL account syncs with your Windows Mobile phone. It only needs to pull mail from "1 day" and with a 2Kb size limit as we are actually only interetsed in the header, not the mail itself.
  • Forward all incoming mail from your "real" accounts at any provider to the new GMAIL account. Use the GMAIL "[email protected]" to set "marker" to identify the account that the original mail came from.
  • Using Googlesync, those mails are pushed immediately to the "Outlook" account on the phone.
  • Set up ordinary IMAP (or POP) accounts on the phone with the names of "marker". There shoudl be one account ont eh phone to match each "real" account you have set up outside.
  • Set these accounts to "manually" retrieve mail i.e. no schedule.
  • Create an app on the phone that:
    1. monitors the incopming mail event on the ActiveSync account
    2. reads the incoming "pushed" mail from the activesync account,
    3. parses the "to" address to extract the "marker"
    4. go to the "marker" account on the phone
    5. Get all messages for that account (via IMAP or POP as appropriate)
    6. delete the original Activesynced email

And just like that, every time a mail comes into any of the real world accounts, they are synced to the phone which then pulls them into the "correct" account from whence they can be replied etc. with all the correct email addresses.

Now I know that for you in the development world, this is an easy task. For me, I have a problem writing Step 7 above as I am not a Windows Mobile coder. Yes I could learn and in the spirit of MoDaCo, I probably should - but is there anyone else out there who would like to give this a go?


If I've helped then you're welcome - I try to only post when I really know the answer.

If I've asked a favour then thank you in advance for any efforts to help me solve my problem. progress.gifedit.gif

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