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New Resco Pocket Radio 2.00 was released

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Resco Pocket Radio– Not just another Radio in your Phone

Today the Resco Team released a new version of the Resco Pocket Radio (version 2.00). Changes will certainly be appreciated by users who enjoy touch-optimized interface. Choosing from a variety of radio stations as well as more streaming qualities becomes easier and more comfortable. New graphical and controlling items improve navigation and speed up work with the program.

New features in Resco Pocket Radio 2.00:

  • Touch-friendly Radio List

    The list of radio stations has been converted into touch-optimized interface. Each musical genre includes a number in parentheses indicating how many stations belong to the category.

  • Letter Bar Included

    As you select from a broad list of musical styles, the letter bar improves your navigation and saves time.

  • Streaming Quality Icons

    The streaming quality is denoted by icons in three colors. Red color belongs to the weakest streams (63 kbps and less), orange color to the mid-quality streams (64-127 kbps), and green color represents the highest quality streams (128 kbps and more).

We hope you enjoy the new version with all new features. For downloading the latest version please visit the Resco Pocket Radio’s official website.

Resco Pocket Radio Homepage

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