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T-mobile internet settings

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Anyone know the internet settings for TMob so I can manually enter them on my TomTom ?

These are the connections settings screens from my Touch HD running Dutty's Leo ROM R7 with Tsowens WM6.5 Taskbar icons

post-43355-1258319017_thumb.jpg post-43355-1258319025_thumb.jpg

post-43355-1258319033_thumb.jpg post-43355-1258319041_thumb.jpg

post-43355-1258319047_thumb.jpg post-43355-1258319057_thumb.jpg

post-43355-1258319074_thumb.jpg post-43355-1258320619_thumb.jpg


There are also these pages that list the settings...



And I'm sure there is one on the WinMo forum pages somewhere!

Found some proxy settings screens...

I untick (disable) the proxy setting as I can not connect to my email server using TMobile's proxy.

post-43355-1258323042_thumb.jpg post-43355-1258323049_thumb.jpg


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