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How to activate HTC Magic (vodafone spain) ?

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I have the unlock code and a Vodafone SIM card with internet activated. I put the sim card in phone, tun it on but it doesn't ask me for unlock code !!!! (maybe it's allready unlocked because on the screen appears Vodafone).

When I want to activate the APN settings should appears in the lower part of the screen but it is not. I tried other method of activation - from G1: to press menu buttton after second google user and pass input entered - for apn field appears. No succes this time too.

Phone is from Vodafone Spain and now it's used with another european Vodafone SIM card. I know that after unlock (if the phone is locked) you have to activate it in order to use it (a procedure almoust similar with Iphone activation). By activation I mean acces to phone menu.

Now the language of the phone is spanish. It tells me to activate the phone with my google account in order to use it.

Any idee how to activate ?

From the unlock code provider I have this text as activation procedure:

STEP 2: Activation

Press the MENU button on the phone, on the lower part of screen the option "APN settings" should appear, click on it.

You will see a list of Vodafone service, press again the MENU button, a new menu will appear showing the otion "New APN", select it. Enter your GSM operator network settings here, when done press the MENU button and select "Save APN".

Now you can sign in to Google using your Gmail account. This will fully unlock your android phone!

Ther is no APN settings option on the lower part of the screen !!!!


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just set up a google account and it will work , found it easier to do on the laptop and then just to sign in , if you allready have a gmail account then use that user and password ,

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