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Couple of isues with my m600

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Hi all, Well no matter how many phones i go through (40+ over the years) i always come back to my trusty m600 ;)

I do, However have a couple of issues.

1) I have unlocked my phone (sim+cid) and upgraded the rom to I-mate JAMin_WWE_ 2130923_21309112_020720 put my T-Mobile UK PAYG sim in and entered all my gprs/mms settings etc, And all is working perfect, However the roaming icon is constantly displayed on my screen (was there on the orange rom after unlock aswell). As i am not actually roaming and the phone works fine (suggesting that the unlock was at least partially succesfull) is there anyway to remove the icon?.

2) Wi-Fi, My m600 will not coonect to my home Wi-Fi unless i disable the encryption on the router (which i obviously won't do) is there any solution to this as it seems that the m600 does not like wpa/wpa2 which makes the built in Wi-Fi useless to me. :D

Any help greatly Appreciated. :P

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Try the Qtek WM5 ROM for the S200 - RUU_Prophet_220734_2207114_024721_QtekWWE_Ship. Everything works as it should and its very fast. Do a search on google.

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