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removing touch flo 3d, htc imagio

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initially i liked the touch flo 3d, with the exception of the flip through email, and that I had to go back into windows 1/2 the time anyway, so didn't like switching interfaces constantly either. i disabled it and ran with just the windows interface, trying to customize as best as possible, not as pretty, but more functional imo.

then along comes SPB's Mobile Shell v3.5. I like this shell much better, can create widgets for pretty much anything i want, and rarely need to go into windows, the phone, for some reason, also has a faster feel to it, whereas I was concerned it might use too much memory, but not the case, definitely hooked.

i'm just getting into winmo phones, and learning the customizations and so on, and the main issue I'm having now is how to remove these embedded programs, including touch-flo and others. They don't let you remove much from the uninstall programs list, mostly whatever you add to phone.

i manually removed some things, but in kind of a hacked way, just removing from programs, app data, and start menu. I did this succesfully with all the vcast stuff (vcast mobile tv looks cool, but doubt i would spend the money on it, and it's not going to be around here until maybe when i get my next phone anyway. there's also that 's ads that pop up for services offered by the carrier, I took those out fine too, phone runs perfectly. BUT, now i'd like to take out the touch flo software, and am taking some more caution, same with some other apps. Although it's technically not running, i can't be sure if there aren't some processes running in background still, plus it's taking up a bunch of space.

I found a long thread with various tools needed to perform this operation, but it wasn't that new, and I was hoping there might be an easier way to accomplish this. Does anyone know how, safely? and if anyone has any tidbits, or links, for optimizing 6.5, htc imagio in particular, please add to thread.

thanks a lot,


my phone-> htc Imagio (spb mobile shell 3.5)

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One option, which I have done, is to use Memory Maid to disable all the HTC services (except for HTCSIP). While it's not truly removing TF3D (you'd need a custom ROM for that), it certainly handles the memory leak and keeps things moving smoothly.

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