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HTC Tattoo Wireless Connection Problem

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Not sure if this is the right place to post so if not my apologies. Yesterday i received the HTC Tattoo on Orange and first impressions were excellent, right up until i noticed that after i had turned off the phone it would not reconnect back to my wireless network. Went through all the things i could think of on the phone to get it working and even tried a factory reset to see if that helped and nothing did. So rebooted the router and lo and behold the phone connected, again right up until earlier today when i stepped out of the house and then back in to find yet again it would not reconnect back to the network.

So im wondering now whether or not this is just an isolated problem with the phone or if this is something thats common with the Tattoo, or even if its a software issue. My next option is really to send it back to Orange and ask for a replacement but not much point if its just going to do it again.

The router is a linksys WAG54G2 modem router if thats of any use.


5 November.

Decided to ask for a replacement phone that arrived today, so far the phone works as it should so looks like it was a faulty phone to begin with.

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