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Ben Horley

Multitasking question

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I'm interested in getting an Android device, possibly an HTC Hero on Orange and I have a question.

I currently use my Nokia 6220 when I'm out jogging for playing podcasts while simultaneously using a GPS running app to track my progress. As an added complication I use a bluetooth headset to listen to the podcasts while running - the headset can answer the phone and play / pause the MP3 player.

I see that there is a Android running app from Google and I assume there is an MP3 player and I assume you can use a bluetooth headset but has anyone actually done this? I'd be stuffed if I couldn't and I can't really try this out in the shop.

Cheers chaps


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Yeah, it's fully 'multitasking' in that within any app, you can hit the 'home' button and be back at your homescreen, with the app still running.

As an example, I can pair up my bluetooth stereo headphones, go to the music app (or Spotify) and start playing something. Hit 'home' and it's still playing, over the headphones. I can then browse the web, play a game, do my finances - whatever. There's usually (depending on your music application, but both Spotify and HTC Music do it) a notification to say what track is playing that you can click to get back to the music player from any app. If a phone call comes in, phone app comes to front and the buttons on your headset will work to answer the calls and stuff. Music pauses and resumes when the call is over.

There's also a Google Podcast program (called Listen) which you might find useful if you're specifically listening to podcasts whilst jogging.

It'll work fine :)

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